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Hula Dancing

Hula helps self-healing through the practice of dance and voice, teaching the voice exercises that combine breathing with control to strengthen the lungs for chanting. These exercises are helpful to reduce hypertension and stress. But no matter its style, it is all part of a cultural practice of sharing a trove of stories that connect dancers and audiences to the foundation of Hawaiian ancestral knowledge. 

The tradition of Hula dancing has many origin stories, each telling a story of how Hula came to be. In some `practices, Hula was passed down as temple dances reserved for the men. In others, it was danced by the women. In yet others, both men and women danced. How each of these traditions came to their practitioners is reflected in their own stories and legends.

Meet Our Hula Instructors 

Vanessa Thill.jpeg

Vanessa Moani'ala Thill

Hula Dance Instructor, Founder & Practitioner of Ke Ola Ha'a Holistic Practice

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