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Who we are

KIO WELLNESS is global wellness collective, bringing together experienced wellness coaches and wellness seekers to promote optimal health and healing for the mind, body and inner-being.

Yoga Session

United in a vision to share the benefits of various wellness services, KIO Wellness strives to build stronger, healthier and more resilient communities by providing simplified access to wellness experts and their services.

What we do 


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We are an international health & wellness collective providing simplified access to the tools and services for individual and community care.

Our network of service providers is ever growing, with yoga instructors, reiki masters, sound healers, movement healers & more. We host virtual and in person wellness centered events in partnership with our network of service providers across Miami, New York City, Hawaii and France. ​



existence, consciousness, bliss


We commit to nurturing a space where all persons are welcome, respected & accepted.

We honor the needs of our clients and community members.

We honor the cultural and historical significance of healing practices, respecting traditions that are non-native to us and holding space for indigenous practitioners to share and teach. 

We avail ourselves open mindedly to the diversity of healing modalities and traditions that may exist, recognizing that knowledge and human mystical & physical practice has evolved as human phenomena.

We mindfully acknowledge that all healing pathways  are different journeys, with every individual needing to be met at their own point.

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