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Individual Reiki Sessions


Certified Reiki Level 2 Energy Healer 


Sunny is a level 2 Reiki practitioner & energy healer. Originally from Tennessee, she moved out of the South in pursuit of a larger ecosystem and a deeper connection to nature, landing in Miami this past April. 


Energetically infectious and open, Sunny has always unintentionally assisted those around her in their healing due to her ability to energetically connect with the people and the elements that surround her. From a young age Sunny has held a deep energetic connection to nature and the elements, in the words of her mother she has been “hugging trees since she was three.”Her energetic sensitivity deepened as she began expanding her personal healing journey in 2017 through her awareness and practice of various healing forms she practiced to heal herself before going on to share healing with others.


Her journey as a healer began when was introduced to therapeutic touch, followed by reiki 2019 by a friend and reader who affirmed Sunny’s gift as a healer, and encouraged her to pursue this path. It was then that Sunny realized her greater purpose. She began her training in Reiki in 2020 and has been deepening her through reiki meditation and sessions with people who she performs Reiki on, allowing the practice to make it’s purpose fully known to her.


In her sessions with clients,  Sunny allows herself to be a conduit for the energy of source to flow into her clients, creating the space for them to experience a range of emotions, from calmness, to laughter, sadness and even sleep. 


Through the transformative power of Reiki, Sunny strives to assist the collective in their healing journeys and coming into a greater awareness. She plans on completing her Reiki Master certification by the end 2021, which will allow her to teach Reiki to others, in addition to travelling and opening herself up to other healing modalities and tools.

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