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HWN COACH and Associate Manager

is a Reiki 2 intuitive sound practitioner. Implementing an array of tones and sonorous sound waves, inducing meditative states, vivified relaxation and inner requiescence via OM resonance. Sunseed enacts the vibratory OM spectrum through singing bowls, chime bars, crystal pyramids, Gongs and a medley of organically resounding tools.


Trained in Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance at NYC's Integral Yoga Institute and Ananda Ashram, instructed by expert pioneer extraordinaire Grand Gong Master Don Conreoux and the sapient aficionados of Sage Sound Academy.


Since 2013, Sunseed utilizes his time and resources intuitively conducting sound bath meditations, frequenting community centers, schools, private homes, rehabs, aging facilities, yoga studios, corporate arrangements, hospices for end of life care, outdoor celebratory events, spiritual ceremonies, baby showers as well as bereavements.


His mission is to unify humanity towards sustained harmonious living, by way of mindful sound entrancement moda

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